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Battle of Monster Batteries: Cloudfone Thrill 530qx vs Lenovo P780


Both Lenovo and Cloudfone have phones with oversized batteries and both got good reviews when it comes to battery life. Recently, both manufacturers released new phones again with monstrous batteries – Lenovo P780 and Cloudfone Thrill 530qx. I recently wrote a short hands on review about the new Thrill 530qx. Full review will posted on Unbox. Click here for the review. Unbox, meanwhile, wrote a review of the P780. Click here for the review.


Before we compare these phones, let have a rundowns of specs:

CloudFone Thrill 530qx specs:

  • 1.2 GHz Quad Core MediaTek 6589M processor
  • PowerVR SGX 544MP graphics
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4GB internal memory expandable via MicroSD up to 32GB
  • 5.3 inch IPS qHD LCD display (960 x 540 pixels)
  • 12 megapixel rear facing camera with autofocus and LED flash
  • 5 megapixel front facing camera
  • Dual Sim, Dual Standby, Dual 3G
  • HSPA+, 3G, WiFi, WiFi hotspot, DLNA, USB On-The-Go
  • GPS, A-GPS
  • Non-removable 4,500 mAh battery
  • Android 4.2 Jellybean
  • SRP: P9,999

Lenovo P780 specs:

  • 1.2GHz Quad Core MediaTek 6589W processor
  • PowerVR SGX544 graphics
  • 1GB RAM
  • 4GB internal memory expandable via MicroSD up to 32GB
  • 5 inch 720p HD IPS LCD display (720 x 1280 pixels) 294 ppi
  • 8 megapixel rear facing camera with autofocus and LED flash
  • 1.2 megapixel front facing camera
  • 3G/HSPA+, WiFi, WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, USB On-The-Go
  • GPS, A-GPS
  • 4,000 mAh battery
  • Android 4.2 Jellybean
  • SRP P13,990



Obviously, the Lenovo P780 would be a clear winner here. Lenovo has a 720p resolution on a smaller 5-inch display versus a qHD display on a 5.3 inch display on the Cloudfone. Gaming, watching videos and browsing on the P780 will be a more enjoyable experience. But the Thrill 530qx would not completely lose in this round. Texting and typing experience is better on a 5.3 inch screen of course.

Winner: Lenovo P780


The P780 feels so premium with its brushed metal casing whereas the Thrill 530 qx has a plastic casing with a soft matte finish at the back. When it comes to build quality, both phones feel solid like a tank. Both phones are not slim and sexy and that’s because they house huge batteries.You will also feel the heft the moment you pick up these devices. However, both phones aren’t chunky. I’ve also played with the Lenovo P780 and my only concern is since the phone has a metal body, it tends to heat up just like my iPhone 5 when you use it for games or if 3G is turned on for a long time.

Winner: Cloudfone Thrill 530qx


Honestly, cameras on both phones really suck in low light situations. That’s because both phones lack BSI (back side illumination). When it comes to good lighting conditions, both cameras produce great photos. However, on the spec sheet, Cloudfone has a 12 megapixel camera versus Lenovo’s 8 megapixel camera.

Winner: Cloudfone Thrill 530qx


Before anything else here are the Antutu benchmark scores of both phones:

  • Lenovo P780 – 13,125
  • Cloudfone Thrill 530qx – 13,645

Note: Benchmark scores of the Lenovo P780 were done by Unbox. I also wrote the benchmark scores of the Cloudfone Thrill 530qx but it will be posted on Unbox as well. As of this writing, my full review of the Cloudfone Thrill 530qx has not been posted yet.

On day to day use and based on the review posted on Unbox, there are reported minimal lags on the P780 despite its quad core processing power. During my short time with the device, i didn’t encounter any lags. If you, however, are planning to buy the Lenovo P780, download the NOVA LAUNCHER from the Google Play Store and problem solved. I’m still currently using the Cloudfone Thrill 530qx and I never encountered a single incident of lag especially during my first days with it. I recently downloaded the Nova launcher just to test if would be the same lag-free experience. And yes, still no lags.

Winner: Cloudfone Thrill 530qx


The Lenovo P780 has a 720p display that hogs more battery juice but has a smaller 5-inch display while the Cloudfone Thrill 530qx has a bigger 5.3 inch display but only has a qHD resolution that consumes less battery. Moreover, the Cloudfone still has a larger battery.

Winner: Cloudfone Thrill 530qx


Lenovo P780 – P13,999

Cloudfone Thrill 530qx – P9,999

In this category, being more affordable does’t mean it has more bang for the buck and vice versa. But in this case, the Cloudfone has more value for money. Unless, you’re a screen junkie and a better resolution on a smartphones matters to you then the Lenovo P780 is a better pick.

Winner: Cloudfone Thrill 530qx

Please do share your comments and insights about my comparison. Do you agree or disagree?