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Coloud Pop Block Headsets Hands On: My Likes and Dislikes


I have been a certified techie for many years but I was never a fan of accessories such as headsets, cases, bluetooth headsets, power banks etc because I don’t see the need for it. When I joined the Unbox team, I realized how essential these accessories are. Carlo (Editor-In-Chief of Unbox) asked me to review the Rythmz Blu Pro HD Headphones, I have no idea how to write an article about it. As I use the it for a week, I realized why people spend on accessories. Its just so essential. However, you don’t have to spend so much on accessories. Take for example the Coloud Pop Block ear headphones.

Coloud is relatively a newcomer in the audio department. Established in 2012, Coloud originated from Stockholm Sweden and now a major player in the audio industry and competing against big players like Beats, Urbanears, Monster, Pioneer, Audio Technica, Philips, Sony, etc. So far they have caught the attention of many users because of their affordable pricetag. The Coloud Pop Block only costs around only P950, more affordable from Urbanears Bagis which costs around P1,200.







  • Good Sound Quality – I’m no audiophile so I cannot go more into sound details. When I read some reviews from real audiophiles, they said sound was a little flat and muffled for their taste. For me it was good! I use my headset mainly for watching You Tube videos and watching movies. Sound quality for me is good but I really admit its not that great when comparing it with Rythmz Blue Pro HD.  But that headset costs P6,490 which is already expensive for many (even for me) so that justifies its great sound quality.
  • Built Quality  – I used to own an Urbanears Bagis headphones. Though they produce good sound quality, it already broke down when I accidentally droped it. That’s the reason why I bought this headphone. True to its selling points it is very durable. Just don’t use it in water.
  • Price – Its only P950 and you get good quality headphones.
  • Design – Its tangle free and comes in cute cool colors. Visit Coloud’s website for more info.


  • NONE!!!


  • Audiophiles will not buy this one. But if you are looking for a good built quality headphones with good sound quality and affordable, I strongly recommend this one.