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My Experience Using A Huawei E5220 Pocket WiFi


Guys, honestly, I never used a mobile Wi-Fi before. I don’t see the need for it. I use either my Apple iPad or iPhone since both are LTE capable. Whenever I work on my notebook PC, I use my iPhone 5 (Globe LTE) or iPad 4 (Smart LTE) ¬†for my internet needs. I turn on my personal hotspot. Problem though, it depletes my ‘s iPhone or iPad’s battery faster. I’ve been seeing people using a pocket WiFi for their internet needs so I got curious and bought an unlocked Huawei E5220 pocket WiFi.


What are the benefits of using a pocket WiFi?

  • It connects up to 10 WiFi enabled devices!
  • Pocket friendly
  • Better get an unlocked device. You can insert either Globe or Smart sim.
  • No need to use your phone’s 3G or LTE for internet.


  • Drains battery faster when more devices are connected.
  • LTE pocket WiFi are expensive.

Here are some tips. Smart’s LTE is much better than Globe’s LTE. If you are getting an LTE pocket WiFi, Smart has better and wider LTE coverage. However, Globe’s HSPA+ coverage is better than Smart’s HSPA+ network. HSPA+ (3 to 6Mbps) has internet speeds faster than regular 3G (1Mbps to 3.6Mbps) but a little slower than LTE (12 to 20Mbps).

LTE pocket WiFi’s are so expensive. The last time I checked its around P8,000 compared to the one I have which is P2,600 and has HSPA+ connectivity.

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