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What’s Wrong With Sun Cellular?


Sun Cellular made a mark with the telecom industry when the telecom company in 2004 offered the ever popular “24/7 Call and Text Unlimited” service which brings the dawn of “unlimited” services which made rival Smart and Globe offer the same service. Sun was even the first telecom to offer unlimited internet.


Its been 10 years since Sun was born and subscribers has grown to 16 Million subscribers.  Its biggest milestone is when PLDT bought DIGITEL (Sun’s parent company) in 2011. But what’s wrong with Sun? Why are there so complains. Most complains are varies from network issues to problems when applying a postpaid line.

Here are some of the complains I saw:




Even my family has the same experience. My cousin was also  applying  for a postpaid line (Plan 999 to be exact) with a free phone.  She was disapproved because her credit card only has P35,000 credit limit. But when she applied for a Globe postpaid line, she was approved. She’s now a Plan 999 subscriber plus a Samsung Galaxy S4 with additional P600 for 24 months.  Why is Sun so strict with postpaid applications?

With regards to network related concerns, there are still complains but more subscribers are satisfied with Sun’s call, text and internet services. Sun’s 3G coverage is generally fast in most areas and they recently added 3G cellsites in Visayas and Mindanao to meet the increasing demand for mobile internet use in the area. The telco has also increased its coverage in Luzon by tapping into Smart network in selected areas in Luzon. As a result,  better call and text quality and faster 3G coverage. But subscribers’ biggest gripe is Sun’s lack of LTE network.  No word yet when Sun will be offering LTE.

I hope Sun Cellular will address this problem for many subscribers are complaining about their strict postpaid application process.