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SkyBroadband Offers The Fastest Broadband At 200Mbps


Mobile broadband services have been very aggressive for the past 2 years. Smart, Globe and Sun have been constantly improving and expanding their respective 3G and LTE coverage. Little we know wired broadband, DSL or what is now known as HOME BROADBAND is now using advanced fiber optic technology bringing much faster fixed line broadband to our homes.

In the home broadband arena, there are more players. Here are the ff services:

  • PLDT Home is a variety of broadband services depending on speed from PLDT
  • SkyBroadband is a broadband service that varies from consumable, unlimited and ultra fast internet being offered by Sky Vision, a subsidiary of ABS-CBN, which offers SkyCable as well.
  • Wi-Tribe is a WiMax service being offered by Liberty Telecoms, the telecom arm of San Miguel Corporation.
  • Tattoo @ Home is a home broadband service ranging from WiMax, DSL and utlra fast internet from Globe Telecom.





Among all of these services, SkyBroadand offers the most flexible and has the fastest broadband to date because they offer 200Mbps for P34,999 a month. Wow! Talking about breaking the bank! Of course, reality check, most of us can’t afford this but we must admit, there are some who can afford this, right?

Don’t worry, SkyBroadband is offering more flexible broadband plans. There is Plan 10Mbps with consumable 15GB data cap for 1,499 a month. The plan also includes unlimited 1.5Mps when you used up all the 15GB within a month.

Here are the other plans:

photo (3)photo (4)


So what do you think?

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