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Globe’s Best Ever My Super Plan vs Smart’s Flexibundles: Battle For Postpaid Supremacy


Globe and Smart have been competing for a long time. We all know when it comes to most number of subscribers and most number of cellsites, that would be Smart. But when it comes to most number of postpaid subscribers, that will be Globe. The combination of PLDT’s newly acquired Sun Cellular and PLDT’s own Smart sums up to more than 2 Million subscribers. Since Sun and Smart operates separately (because Sun has its own mobile network), Globe as a brand is still No. 1 in postpaid. Globe posted the biggest growth on postpaid subscribers in 2013. According to official disclosures, Globe had 279.762 postpaid subscribers as compared with Sun – 218,352 and Smart – 132,943 in 2012, In Q1 2013 alone, Globe acquired 71,715 new postpaid subscribers while Sun had 46,495 new subscribers and Smart had 24,607 new subscribers.


Now, Smart and Globe are beefing up its postpaid offerings. Globe introduced its “best ever” My Super Plan. With the revamped My Super Plan, new subscribers can choose their preferred contract period. You can choose from 6, 12, 18, 24, or 30 months. Cash out will depend on the plan, preferred contract period and smartphone of choice. All plans have corresponding Peso Value allocation. This can be converted into unlimited call and text or bundled call, text and internet services.


Source:  http://ph.news.yahoo.com/tech

Smart recently unveiled its new Flexibundles, a new number of service packages available on all types of Smart postpaid subscribers that let’s subscribers control their postpaid expenses.

Here are the list of Flexibundles:


Souce: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/tech

Flexibundles are available for the following Smart postpaid services:

  • Plan 349
  • All-in Plans
  • Unlimited Data Plans
  • iPhone Plans
  • Unli Postpaid Plans
  • Family Circle Plans
  • Freedom Plan

Smart will also LTE plans in addition to the current Flexibundles currently being offered.