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My Hands-on Experience With The Samsung Galaxy S4


I was strolling in a mall in Makati when I saw my friend. Since I’m not really that busy I invited her for a coffee chat. While in a coffee shop, she showed her new Samsung Galaxy S4 in white! With so much excitement, I forgot to take pictures for this article. But when I payed my Smart postpaid bill at Smart Store branch in Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, a display unit (not a dummy one) is waiting to be touched and explored.

This is the Samsung Galaxy S4 displayed in Smart Store in Rockwell:




For me, there is really nothing new with the design. It retains the same look of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Although the phone has a smaller bezel which is good and makes the phone smaller and can be carried with one hand. I saw the blue one with checkered design and its very nice. Opening the back cover makes me remember how cheap the plastic is. On many reviews I’ve seen between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, the former loses on the design and looks department. But despite these negative reviews, people don’t seem to care. Samsung has recently reported that they have sold 6 Million Galaxy S4 units since April 26. WOW!


No question the screen is the best I’ve ever seen on a smartphone. Its almost Retina-like in terms of wide viewing angles and sharpness. The Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen. My friend uploaded 2 movies – Avengers and Iron Man 2 and watching movies is absolutely fun because of the big, vibrant screen.


The Galaxy S4 variant that is available here is the one having a 1.9Ghz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor. Its absolutely fast and operation is smooth. Operation is almost like iPhone 5 already. No stutters, no lags. I was never a fan of Samsung’s gesture-based features on top its UI but I know many will find that cool.


This is another selling point of the Galaxy S4. It takes better pictures in low light situations than its predecessor but still my iPhone 5 takes better pictures in low light. My friend told me that a common friend of ours has a Nokia Lumia 920 and its also better in low light than sa S4.


My friend said the she is a heavy user. She renewed her contract with Globe’s My Super Plan and got the Galaxy S4 for free. She has unlimited internet that means her data is always on plus the Galaxy S4 has LTE capabilities which drains more battery just other LTE enabled phones. She calls and text a lot too. Candy Crush is her favorite game right now and she spends so much time with it too. According to her, the 2,600 mAh battery last nearly a day of heavy usage.

First impressions

Its so hard to deny that sa Samsung Galaxy S4 is simply the King of Android smartphones. Despite all its short comings like the cheap plastic body, too much cluttered UI, and gimmicky features, people will still buy this phone. My friend said its easy to turn all its gestures off if you don’t like it. That’s also the beauty of Android.