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Smart vs Globe vs Sun: Which One Offers The Best BlackBerry Z10 Plan?


The new BlackBerry Z10, a new smartphone by BlackBerry is now available in the Philippines. This amazing phone runs on a new software platform BLACKBERRY 10. Just  like its competitors the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Apple iPhone 5, they are being offered free on a postpaid plan by our local telcos.


Problem: Which is the better deal? Let me help you with that.

SMART’s BlackBerry Z10.


Smart was one of the first to offer BlackBerry Z10 in the market. The phone is free at Smart All-in Plan 1800 and Unlimited Data 2000 and 3000. I recommend that you get it on Plan 1800 All In Plan. Why? Unlike Globe’s My Super Plan, when you want to register for monthly unlimited call and text or mobile data, it will be inclusive of the plan NOT on top of your plan.  Smart is also well known for its extensive 3G coverage and ultra fast internet. Getting the phone on Unlidata Plan 2000 will give you unlimited mobile internet and BlackBerry services. The only down side here is the  limited free call and text allotment on this plan. You will only get free 200 texts to all networks and free 150 mins of calls to all networks. When all of you freebies are used up you will be charged on top of your plan.

Sun Cellular’s BlackBerry Z10


Sun is offering the BlackBerry Z10 free at a special BlackBerry Plan 1799. You will get unlimited Sun to Sun calls and text, unlimited mobile internet, unlimited landline calls, 250 free texts to other networks and 60 mins free IDD minuted to top 10 countries. Sounds a good deal, right? Since there are so many Sun subscribers plus its network is now linked with PLDT and sister company Smart, coverage is ever reliable. Its worth taking a look especially if you have friends and family using Sun.

Globe’s BlackBerry Z10


Globe is the only network that offers BlackBerry Z10 LTE. Yes! LTE! Globe also has the most flexible plans to choose from that vary in choosing your freebies and boosters monthly plus choosing your preferred contract period from 6 months to 30 months. Cash outs will depend on the contract or lock up period you choose. The LTE-powered BlackBerry Z10 is free at Plan 1799 with a 30-month contract. You also get it on Plan 1799 on a shorter 24-month contract peroid but with a P4,800 cash out (P200 monthly via credit card for 24 months). Plan 1799 comes with unlimited LTE and freebies like free calls and texts to all networks. One big down side is Globe’s ongoing network modernization program. Current Globe subscribers are haunted by its poor internet connection, limited LTE coverage, dropped calls and delayed text messages. Globe said they completed phase 1 of the modernization program. Phase 2 is currently ongoing and will significantly lessen its network related problems.

Personally, Globe remains the best in postpaid offers. Just be sure its ok with you to deal with some of Globe’s network problems and wait for the new network to fire up which is estimated to happen later this year. Smart and Sun has improved so much on their postpaid offerings that gives the best deal to new and renewing customers. But still nothing beats Globe’s best ever My Super Plan. Hope I helped you guys choosing the best BlackBerry Z10 plan for you.

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